Doktorandeninitiative bei DESY / PhD representatives at DESY

DOIT (abbr.: Doktoranden-Initiative) is the representation of the PhD students on the DESY campus site and in the strategic partnership of DESY and Universität Hamburg, PIER (Partnership for Innovation, Education and Research). DOIT is also the voice of the doctoral candidates in the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School. DOIT was founded in 2006. We meet once per month and cordially invite you to join us and participate!

About 300 PhD students are working on the DESY site and around 100 of those students are paid by DESY. All others have contracts with universities or are scholarship holders. DOIT wants to represent all of them. At the moment we have seven regularly appearing members and some ongoing or accomplished projects concerning the situation of PhD students at DESY, like an informal meeting with people from the human resources department about the different contract models for DESY PhD students or our successful job seminar.

Each year two members of DOIT visit the annual meeting of the Helmholtz juniors, the students initiative of the Helmholtz Gesellschaft, to establish contacts with student initiatives at other Helmholtz centers.
Our intention is to improve the situation of students working on the DESY site. Therefore we try to enhance the communication among each other and between the DESY directorate and the students. We'd be happy to provide a contact point for all DESY students with problems or any other concerns. In addition, we organize Job Seminars, Breakfast Meetings, and social activities like summer BBQs, DOIT social hour, or movie screenings.