DoIt Meetings

DoIt meets on a monthly basis. At our meetings we DISCUSS CURRENT ISSUES concerning Ph.D. students at DESY, assign tasks like organizing Job Seminars and decide on a bar for the next Social Hour. Every Ph.D. student is welcome to join us.
If you want to raise an issue to our attention write us an email, come to our meeting or - better yet - do both!

No registration.
Just come by and discuss with us how to improve everybody's PhD situation.
If a topic preys on your mind, just address it at the meeting!

The next DOIT Meeting will be held in June 2018.
An announcement will be published in time.


Past DOIT Meetings

Agenda of 12th March, 2018

1. Results of discussion with works council
2. Contract issues: Collective bargaining agreement?
3. Current regulations concerning compensatory time-off at DESY
4. DESY market
5. Activities
      a. Social hour
      b. Job seminar
      c. Breakfast meeting
      d. Improv theater
      e. (New!) outings
6. Website
7. AOB

application/pdf Minutes (33KB)
Minutes, 12th March